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coffee roasting co.




the mission

inspire others

We are family-loving, outdoor-loving coffee enthusiasts committed to serving local communities through our products and our actions.


we are mugs half-full people,

and our outdoor time fuels a daily inspiration to continuously improve as coffee roasters and as people.

Our purpose is to inspire others

- our coffee farmers, our customers,

and everyone in between -

to do the same.


we hope our coffee will help inspire you.

Live inspired, and live to inspire others!


coffee beans

The beans

quality coffee from around the globe

with the help of our coffee importer

Royal New York, each batch of green coffee we source is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality.  We value the relationships with our coffee farmers, and we craft-roast their beans with the same care and pride with which those families grow and harvest them.  learn more about our coffee origins by visiting our shop.


Coffee Roaster in Honduras

The Roaster

Andrew skrabak

Andrew ditched the corporate world to pursue his passion for sourcing, roasting, and brewing amazing coffee (but his decade of food R&D and operations experience does come in handy). 

his purpose is to inspire others through his coffees and daily interactions. learn more about him and connect on linkedin.

coffee roaster

The (actual) Roaster

2018 san fransiscan sf-6

the sf-6 combines American ingenuity, old-world charm, and modern technology. Built by hand in the usa, our machine roasts only small batches to ensure premium quality in every bean we sell.


equipped with custom hickory wheels hand-made by A&A Carriage & wheel in new holland, pa, our roaster can be transported and used for many types of community events. come visit us at a local event, or contact us to inquire about bringing our coffee roasting and fresh beverage services to your special event.


creek for creekside coffee roasting

the creek

white clay creek

every batch of our coffee is roasted up the ridge from the beautiful white clay creek in Landenberg, pa.  the creek and its surrounding trails inspire us to get outside every day and enjoy life at its fullest.  

Learn more about the Pennsylvania white clay creek preserve here, and the Delaware white clay creek state park here.


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