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TASTING NOTES: Milk Chocolate - Honey - Bright

ROAST: Medium




THE SOURCE: In 1960 a group of 228 small coffee producers in San Marcos de Tarrazú came together to establish Coopetarrazú. At this time they came together with the goal of establishing equal profits and a voice for small producers, something that was previously dominated by large producers in the region. This co-op has grown to become one of the most important contributors to the economic development of the Los Santos region of Tarrazú. Today the co-op assists its more than 5,000 members with technical assistance, low-cost loans, and affordable fertilizers. About 80% of their members are small producers with farms of 4 hectares or less. They employ approximately 10,000 people throughout the year, either directly in coffee production or in supporting roles, allowing Coopetarrazú to control the entire production process for their coffee from harvest through sorting, milling and exporting. This level of control allows for constant evaluation which leads to consistent quality year after year.

Costa Rica Medium Roast

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